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Earn your degree

Six Canadian schools offer degree programs approved by the Board of Certification (BOC):



Ryerson University, through the School of Occupational and Public Health, offers both two-year and four-year programs, with completion of either program resulting in a student who successfully satisfies all program requirements being awarded the Bachelor of Applied Science degree upon graduation.

Students entering the program after completing a high school diploma may apply for admission into the four-year Bachelor of Applied Science - Public Health and Safety program. Individuals who already hold an approved Bachelor's degree in an applicable field may apply for entry into the two-year, fast-track, Bachelor of Applied Science - Public Health and Safety program for university graduates. 


Contact your school of choice for the most current information.


Complete 12 weeks of practical experience

All candidates intending to obtain the CPHI(C) designation must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 12 weeks of practical experience with a public health unit. The practicum provides candidates with exposure to various inspection programs and is supervised by an individual at the health unit who holds a CPHI(C) and is involved in a supervisory position. Students may contact public health units directly in order to apply for a student practicum position, although certain health units may advertise positions directly through Ryerson University or participate in a university job fair for the purpose of collecting student applications.


Ontario Public Health Unit Contact List


Earn your certification

The Certificate in Public Health Inspection, or CPHI(C), is granted by Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors and is recognized throughout Canada by boards of health and other local, provincial and federal agencies. It demonstrates that an individual in possession of this certification has received proper education and training in the field of environmental public health.


Qualified candidates apply to sit the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors Board of Certification (BOC) exam, which consists of an oral exam in addition to two written reports based on their 12 weeks practicum. Oral examinations take place on the third Tuesday of April and October each year.


In order to assist candidates in preparing for certification, many health units will run mock oral examinations, at which students will be asked a series of questions and be provided with constructive feedback on how they may continue to prepare and improve for the BOC oral exam.

Sample BOC Oral Exam Questions


Review these helpful resources prior to applying:

Ontario Public Health Legislation
Ontario Public Service Interview Tips
Instructions On Citing References Using APA format
BOC FAQ (once on this link, scroll to bottom of the page)


Download the full set of certification documents that you need to submit to the BOC, in order to apply for certification:

Complete Certification Documents Package

Or download the individual documents:

Candidate Information & Instructions
Examination Application Form
Report on Practicum
Certification of Practicum
Documentation of Written Inspection Reports
Evaluation Form
Practicum Training Commencement Form
Instructional Objectives and Guidelines for the Interpretation of Form C
Payment Method Form
BOC Practicum Guideline
BOC Refund Policy


All documentation must be received by the secretary of the Board of Certification at least 60 days before the examination date. Send all information to:
Board of Certification
#720-999 West Broadway Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 1K5




All candidates who successfully achieve certification with Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors will receive their first year membership absolutely free! Apply for yours today!



Wonder what it will be like to be an Environmental Public Health Professional?

Environmental Public Health Professionals (also referred to as Public Health Inspectors) inspect various premises such as restaurants, bakeries, daycares, public pools & spas, long-term care facilities, tattoo parlours and hair salons in order to ensure that these premises are in compliance with relevant legislation.





Environmental Public Health Professionals carry out inspections and work with various agencies such as the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and the Ministry of Environment in order to reduce the risk of food and water-borne illness and to ensure effective infection prevention and control practices are being applied. They also work to prevent people from contracting bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases such as food poisoning, rabies and giardiasis. Environmental Public Health Professionals may be called to provide expert testimony in court, and are also involved in issuing tickets and orders in order to enforce compliance with relevant public health legislation.



It’s a career choice that offers challenge, variety, continual growth and the satisfaction of protecting the public.




It’s important for Environmental Public Health Professionals to continue professional development after certification to remain qualified, knowledgeable, competent and ethical practitioners who can properly protect the public.


Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors conferences, workshops, newsletters, committees and mail groups ensure that you receive continued professional support, keeping your skills and knowledge current and relevant.



For a full list of ways in which you can advance your career after certification, view Become A Member. Be sure to renew your Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors membership annually.


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