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The largest branch of Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors, the Ontario branch is a corporate body under the laws of Ontario. It is a volunteer organization dedicated primarily to promoting public health inspection in Ontario. The Ontario branch is also concerned with the affairs of Public Health inspectors in the province.


The elected officers of CIPHI Ontario are known as the Ontario Branch Executive Council, which consists of:



The president provides leadership to the CIPHI Ontario Branch Executive Council (OBEC) and is the primary representative and spokesperson of the association. The president oversees branch operations, including budget planning, formulating policy and procedures, as well as chairing board meetings and working with committees. The president is also a member of the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors national executive council and keeps the membership and the OBEC apprised of activities and events happening on the national level.



The president-elect acts in lieu of the president if s/he is not available, and prepares to take over the role of president when their term has expired. This position is designed to ensure a smooth transfer of leadership when a change occurs, and provides assistance to the president in the numerous duties which that position involves. Additional duties include lobbying Ontario health units for sponsorship of the annual educational conference, acting as the CIPHI Ontario representative on all CIPHI Ontario conference committees and liaising with the conference planning committee on behalf of the CIPHI Ontario Branch Executive Council.


Immediate Past-President

This position also provides a degree of continuity in the management of branch business. In addition, s/he chairs the nominations committee and the notice of motions committee.



The secretary-treasurer has custody of the records of the branch, records the minutes of executive meetings, and conducts the correspondence of the branch. This position handles all financial transactions for the branch and ensures that the financial records are kept in good order and that appropriate accounting practices are followed.


Elected Councillor Portfolios:


Membership Division

The councillor responsible for the membership portfolio endeavours to have all holders of the CPHI(C) designation in Ontario enrolled as members of the CIPHI Ontario. This position also oversees the periodic updating of the National PHI Salary Survey and the Ontario PHI Directory, and recruits volunteers for various inter-portfolio committees that are deemed necessary to carry out the aims and objectives of the branch.


Communications Division

The communications councillor is editor of the Ontario Branch News, the quarterly newsletter of CIPHI Ontario. S/he also acts as webmaster and co-ordinates the dissemination of information to branch members and the public.


Professional Development Division

This portfolio is dedicated to the improved occupational safety for Environmental Public Health Professionals in the field. It also promotes and supports working conditions that are conducive to a healthy work environment, along with circulating materials to the membership that provide opportunities for professional and personal development. This portfolio also liaises with internal and external stakeholders to promote the role of Public Health Inspectors in Ontario.


Health Promotion Division

This division is responsible for the external promotion of the profession of public health inspection in the province of Ontario. This is done by supporting the development of materials that improves and champions environmental health activities as well as promoting and conducting research that results in improved professional practices and standards. The health promotion division is also the driving force promoting Environmental Public Health Week in Ontario, which is celebrated in the third week of January each year. All award nominations are reviewed by this committee prior to their announcement at our annual general meeting. The health promotion portfolio also assists with membership drives in Ontario on behalf of the executive.


Partnerships & Liaison Division

The councillor chairing the partnership and liaison committee is tasked with developing and maintaining CIPHI Ontario’s partnerships and professional relationships with other public health stakeholders. This includes, but is not limited to, the Ontario Public Health Association, the Stanier Institute, the Association of Supervisory Public Health Inspectors, and Ryerson University’s School of Public Health and the Environment.


Communicable Diseases Division

One of our busiest portfolios, the communicable diseases councilor chairs a vibrant committee dedicated to the advancement of infection prevention and control practices within the realm of Public Health Inspectors. This covers areas as diverse as mandatory reporting of certain communicable diseases to public health units throughout the province, management of institutional outbreaks of respiratory or enteric disease, and inspection and enforcement of good infection control practices in residential facilities, day care facilities, and personal service settings such as tattoo shops, and aesthetic/hair salons.


Food Safety Division

The food safety division acts as a provincial contact in the area of food safety through its liaison with regional food safety committees and other food safety stakeholders. The food safety division actively participates on the Ontario Inter-Agency Council on Food Safety (OICFS) and the Multi-Agency Enteric Outbreak Working Group.The latter is comprised of representatives from OMAFRA, PHAC, ASPHIO, MOHLTC and CFIA. The food safety division reviews and updates food safety division resources, promotes the distribution of food safety resources/supplies and develops and maintains a resource list of available food safety division resources.


Healthy Environments Division

Areas of responsibility for the healthy environments portfolio include, but are not limited to, issues surrounding water quality (both drinking and recreational water sources), indoor air quality of public spaces, land use and playground safety.



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CIPHI Ontario

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is the official Ontario branch of the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors.

Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors

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