Leading, Promoting and Advocating for Environmental Public Health Professionals in Ontario

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Gain credibility, backed by the profession's leading voice in Canada

CIPHI Ontario is the largest branch of the only national association that represents Environmental Public Health Professionals in Canada, whose members are actively engaged in current health issues, offering the latest knowledge and opinions on environmental and public health topics. To work in Canada as a Certified Public Health Inspector, you must have Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors certification.


Protect your CPHI(C) credential from deterioration

Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors is developing a national standard for all holders of the CPHI(C), as well as the Continuing Professional Education Series (CPES). These educational standards are supported by CIPHI Ontario through the Continuing Professional Education Series (CPES). Official recognition for your professional development accomplishments and developing discipline-specific competencies will help you to become more valuable to employers.


Make connections that can advance your career

Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors holds annual national conferences at which professionals in the public and private sectors, not-for-profit agencies and academia intersect. Meet your colleagues, expand your professional network, discover new environmental health products and services, and enhance your knowledge base.


Receive a contact list of environmental and public health professionals for networking and peer consultation

The Directory of Public Health Inspectors in Ontario is a biannual CIPHI Ontario publication that is delivered to members via email.


Access Canada-wide employment postings

Plan your next career move by browsing online employer-posted career opportunities.


Keep current on local issues with Ontario Branch News

CIPHI Ontario Branch News is a quarterly CIPHI Ontario publication, delivered via email and posted on the website. It is your inside connection to current provincial events affecting your profession, updates on executive activities and public health information.


Keep current on national events with Environmental Health Review

This is a quarterly Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors research journal, delivered via mail from the national office only to members. Rely on it for current national and international events and the latest research from members and environmental and public health leaders.


Have an inside connection with Listserv, the CIPHI Ontario email newsgroup

Keep in the loop on local activities, updates, surveys, articles and more.


Shape your profession with Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors

A member can volunteer to serve as a CIPHI Ontario executive councillor, or committee member. Committees include healthy environments, food safety, membership, health promotion, professional development, partnership and liaison, communicable disease and communications. Be one of the “idea” people driving Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors. Enhance your career with skills diversity, strengthen your resume and gain recognition for your leadership. Members have voting privileges at the annual general meeting and the right to hold office.


Obtain research grants

Members can obtain CIPHI Ontario research grants in order to complete a master’s degree, or conduct research at a recognized institution. Research supports public health advancement and promotes environmental and public health thinkers.


Gain recognition for your research

Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors holds annual national and provincial conferences at which members can present research. Position yourself as a recognized expert on a specialized issue or topic.


Earn awards

Members can obtain Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors awards for community service or research. Gain official recognition for your accomplishments.


Access Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors National Member Service Centre

As a member, you can log on to manage your professional development hours, continuing education credits and personal profile. You can also register for events, renew membership and track academic achievements and personal awards.


Gain advocate support for issues concerning your duties as an Environmental Public Health Professional

Participate in Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors committees which establish policies that are then forwarded to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, advocating certain legislation changes or courses of action. Members let their opinions be known to the executive/committee members by volunteering their expertise, communicating their concerns or responding to surveys.


Enjoy members-only discounts

  • Reduced registration fees at all CIPHI-sponsored events, including Ontario, national and international conferences and expositions, and continuing education events.
  • Payroll deduction of membership dues (in some Ontario health units).
  • Reduced fees for National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) membership and NEHA-related activity registration.
  • Discount of $30 per household when there are two Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors members living in the same residence. (Only one copy of the Environmental Health Review will be provided.)



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CIPHI Ontario

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is the official Ontario branch of the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors.

Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors

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