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Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors and a range of public health stakeholders at the national, provincial and community levels are working together to achieve common goals. As partners, we are better able to advance individual positions while strengthening public health as a whole.

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Public Health Partners

  • Ontario Public Health Association

    Ontario Public Health Association

    The mission of the Ontario Public Health Association is to provide leadership on issues affecting the public's health and to strengthen the impact by people who are active in public and community health throughout Ontario. This mission is achieved by providing educational opportunities and up-to-date information about community and public health, access to local, provincial and multidisciplinary community health networks, mechanisms to seek and discuss issues and views of members, issue identification and advocacy with a province-wide perspective, and expertise and consultation in public and community health.

  • Ryerson University

    Ryerson University

    The School of Occupational and Public Health (SOPHe) is a demonstrated leader in injury- and disease-prevention education. The school is committed to excellence in teaching, relevance of curriculum, research and service to the community. Ryerson graduates are successful and influential industry leaders committed to protecting the health of people and their communities by anticipating and preventing disease and injury due to biological, physical, chemical or other hazards.

  • Concordia University College of Alberta

    Concordia University College of Alberta

    Concordia University College of Alberta is one of only five institutions in Canada offering an educational program fully accredited by the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors. Our 60-credit after-degree program offers an intensive, career-focused schedule aimed to provide an alternative to students with comprehensive academic backgrounds who wish to engage quickly into the field of Environmental Public Health.

  • Ministry of Health Promotion

    Ministry of Health Promotion

    The vision of Ontario's Ministry of Health Promotion is to enable Ontarians to lead healthy, active lives and make the province a healthy, prosperous place in which to live, work, play, learn and visit. The ministry sees that its fundamental goals are to promote and encourage Ontarians to make healthier choices at all ages and stages of life, to create healthy and supportive environments, lead the development of healthy public policy, and assist with embedding behaviours that promote health. The ministry’s mission is to:

    • Champion health promotion in Ontario, and inspire individuals, organizations, communities and governments to create a culture of health and well-being.
    • Provide programs, services, tools and incentives that will enhance health and well-being.
    • Make healthy choices easier.
    • Harness the energy and commitment of other ministries, other levels of government, community partners, the private sector, the media and the public to promote health and well-being for all Ontarians.
    • Make Ontario a leader in health promotion, both within Canada and internationally.
  • Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

    Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

    Ontario's Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care is changing its focus and embracing a new direction. As staff continue to work towards better health care for Ontarians, stewardship will become the ministry's mission and mandate. This new stewardship role will mean that the ministry will provide overall direction and leadership for the system, focusing on planning and on guiding resources to bring value to the health system. The ministry will be less involved when it comes to the actual delivery of health care, and more involved in:

    • Establishing overall strategic direction and provincial priorities for the health system.
    • Developing legislation, regulations, standards, policies and directives to support those strategic directions.
    • Monitoring and reporting on the performance of the health system and the health of Ontarians.
    • Planning for and establishing funding models and levels of funding for the health-care system.
    • Ensuring that ministry and system strategic directions and expectations are fulfilled.
  • Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion

    Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion

    Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion

    Ontario's Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion (OAHPP), called for by many experts following the SARS outbreak, will serve as a hub, linking researchers, practitioners and front-line health-care workers to the best scientific intelligence from around the world. It will provide specialized scientific and technical advice and on-the-ground support to front-line health-care workers, public health units and government. It will also serve as a model for bridging the two solitudes of infection control and worker safety. Modelled on successful centres in Europe, British Columbia and Quebec, the OAHPP will bring academic, clinical, public health and government experts together to focus on the areas of infectious disease, infection control and prevention, health promotion, chronic disease and injury prevention and environmental health.

  • Stanier Institute

    Stanier Institute

    The Stanier Institute is concerned with progress in public health sciences. The institute is managed as a non-profit activity and is recognized by letters patent as a Canadian education and research organization. Its main interest is in linking hygiene to health through advanced education and research projects. Roger Stanier was a profound scholar with a wide view of the biological sciences. The depth and breadth of his studies excited research colleagues and his ideas shaped modern biology. The quality of his thinking was impressive and his work exerted an immense and enduring influence.

  • Association of Supervisors of Public Health Inspectors of Ontario

    Association of Supervisors of Public Health Inspectors of Ontario

    The Association of Supervisors of Public Health Inspectors of Ontario is an association comprised of directors, managers and supervisors from Ontario’s 36 local health units responsible for protecting and improving public health through the management and delivery of public health inspection programs.
  • Canadian Research Institute for Food Safety

    CRIFS is dedicated to the generation of new knowledge through basic and applied research, to the training of scientists and to providing information and expertise applicable to all sectors of the food industry. Its goal is to improve safety and quality by providing sound scientific information, research and development, food safety alerts and technology. CRIFS is a co-sponsor of the Guelph Food Safety Seminar Series.

  • Ontario Interagency Council on Food Safety

    The OICFS goal is food safety excellence in Ontario. Member agencies of the Ontario Interagency Council on Food Safety (OICFS) share responsibility for ensuring a safe food supply, thereby protecting and improving public health. The council provides a means of information-sharing and co-ordination of government partners. These initiatives are in keeping with co-ordinating government food safety programming, while respecting the jurisdictional authority of member agencies.

  • National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health

    National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health

    The NCCEH is one of six centres created to foster linkages within the public health community. The centres are funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada through the National Collaborating Centres for Public Health program. Located at the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) in Vancouver, the NCCEH's focus is on the health risks associated with the physical environment and evidence-based interventions to reduce those risks. Working with environmental health practitioners, policy-makers and researchers, the NCCEH identifies priority issues, collects information and produces relevant documents and directories that can be used in practice and policy.

  • Canadian Partnership for Children's Health and Environment

    Canadian Partnership for Children's Health and Environment

    (CPCHE) is a multi-sectoral collaboration of twelve organizations with expertise in issues related to children, health, public health and the environment. CPCHE partners have been working together since 2001 to protect children's health from environmental pollutants and toxic chemicals by moving children's environmental health issues into the minds of decision-makers, service-provider organizations, individual practitioners, parents and the public.

  • Walkerton Clean Water Centre

    Walkerton Clean Water Centre

    The Walkerton Clean Water Centre is a world-class institute dedicated to ensuring that training and education about drinking water quality is available and accessible to owners and operators of Ontario's drinking water systems, especially to those serving small and remote communities.

  • Environmental Health Foundation of Canada

    Environmental Health Foundation of Canada

    The Environmental Health Foundation of Canada (EHFC) is a national, not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing environmental health in Canada and internationally, through the development and implementation of education and research initiatives. We are a registered not-for-profit charitable organization.

Corporate Partners

  • HealthSpace


    HealthSpace Informatics was founded in 1998 to develop information and communication management systems for federal, provincial, state and municipal governments. Over the last 12 years, the company has successfully developed web-based applications for large and small organizations that enable the collection of fiscal information, inspection data and approval processes to facilitate automated issuance of permits, fee collection and regulatory management.
  • TrainCan Inc.

    TrainCan Inc.

    TrainCan, Inc.® is a full service company designed to work with you to make your Foodservice/Hospitality establishment or Retail/Grocery establishment safe from hazards that lead to food borne illness.
  • Pinchin Environmental

    Pinchin Environmental

    Pinchin can help you to balance your business goals with an understanding of both natural and built environments. That means investigating what could be under the soil at a potential building site, or what’s inside the walls of your office complex — and what that could mean to your bottom line. It’s helping you know that the people in your organization work in a safe, healthy space, and that you are compliant with often complex environmental, health and safety standards and laws.
  • The Lowry School

    The Lowry School

    The Lowry School of Pool and Spa Chemistry offers the most definitive courses on pool & spa water chemistry in the industry. Students attending Level I will gain a comprehensive, working knowledge of practical water chemistry, regardless of previous experience. Municipal, hotel/motel, YMCA / YWCA / YHCA, Health Inspectors and campground pool operators will find this course invaluable. Level II takes the fundamentals taught in Level I and applies them to a wide variety of pool problems.
  • Cameron Instruments Inc.

    Cameron Instruments Inc.

    TRUST CAMERON INSTRUMENTS to provide you with top quality products, support and service for pressure, temperature, flow, calibration measurement and test instruments. We work with you to find the ideal solution for your measurement needs.
  • Hedgerow Software Ltd.

    Hedgerow Software Ltd.

    Hedgerow Software is the new name for DecadeSoftware, a leading solutions provider for environmental regulation and protection, with its renowned Hedgehog software system.
  • NSF International

    NSF International

    NSF International, Global Food Division provides expertise and accredited services across all supply chain sectors, from agriculture, produce, processing, distribution and dairy, to seafood, retail and restaurants. Services include Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification (SQF, BRC, GLOBALG.A.P., FSSC, IFS, BAP and CanadaGAP), plus expert auditing, consulting and technical services, HACCP validation and inspection, organic and Certified Transitional food certification through Quality Assurance International (QAI), and specialty food verification and certification (including Non-GMO Project and gluten-free). NSF is also the leading certifier of foodservice equipment, nonfood compounds and bottled water/beverages.

  • Mindspin® Studio

    Mindspin® Studio

    Mindspin is a brand storytelling specialty shop that specializes in boutique and premium brands. Working remotely, we work with our clients to distill their brand story, shape their brand spaces, and orchestrate their brand experiences. We are a carefully assembled team of creative experts in brand identity, graphic design, website design, content marketing, social marketing and SEO. From the launch of your organization or product, and through its expansion and evolution, Mindspin has the creative vision and know-how to pull it all together with creative design that empowers your brand.



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